Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Writing It Down

After many days of sniffle and snotty my cold seems to finally be taking it's leave. I took for granted how much a clear head helps with all of the many to do's in life. For the weekend that I was sick I was so absentminded and unorganized and not to mention a little off balance. I'm serious, I have the stubbed toes and bruises to prove it. :) But now, halelujah, I seem to be back in black.

I am headed to the gym in about 45 minutes for a much needed Strive class. It will feel so good to work out my stiff muscles and stretch my limbs. It will also help me focus, cause folks this week is gonna be a busy one. In fact it already has. It is a week full of cleaning, advertising, massaging, job hunting, Jury dutying, errand running, grocery shopping and book club reading. Plus I have to start the preparation of one roommate leaving and another taking her place. So needless to say, this gal's gotta get organized cause January is, like, crazy!

In keeping with the flow of organization and with Lyn's week twelve challenge, I have decided to keep a virtual food journal right on this here blog. A few of you may remember last time when I received some not so positive comments on my food journaling but I feel confident and strong enough to try again. Sparkpeople have been a great help with understanding calorie counting and portion sizes. So here I go..... again. :) I will attempt to update it every night and eventually, if I ever get a digital camera, I would love to post pictures as well.

Okay, I'm off!

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